Mercedes Benz

Car-Tech Prestige are fully equipped to diagnose, maintain and repair your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Having worked with the brand for over 35 years, the team are familiar with their regular servicing plans and have worked on many common Mercedes-Benz problems, repairing them to get you back on the road. We cover all makes and models of Mercedes-Benz and the team are happy to talk to you about any servicing, faults or repairs. Our pricing is very competitive, especially against main dealers and we offer a great level of customer care.

Service Pricing


Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Equipment

At CarTech Prestige we pride ourselves on servicing, diagnosing and maintaining all Mercedes vehicles to the highest possible standards. As part of this we use the latest Mercedes MB Star diagnostic equipment. This equipment uses both the Xentry and DAS software, covering all of Mercedes Benz products including Smart, Maybach, Fuso, Daimler, Chrysler and Mercedes Benz trucks. 

Coverage includes all models and model years up to the current line up, and functions include: 

  • Full dealer diagnostic
  • Live data and snapshot data recorder
  • Control module configuration and programming
  • Sam unit recovery and simulation
  • Vin control unit synchronisation
  • DAS test plan including component location and live testing
  • Service light reset
  • DPF reset and regeneration
  • Full brake system diagnosis and counter reset
  • Retrofittingfunction  
  • All module adaption and configuration
  • Online Mercedes Benz support

Mercedes Diagnostics

If you have any questions regarding Mercedes Benz diagnostics or to ask us about Mercedes Benz Diagnostic pricing, please get in touch with the team who will be happy to help.

Common Mercedes Faults and Repairs

Oil and coolant consumption AMG vehicles 


  • Excessive coolant usage and low coolant warning on dash 
  • Excessive oil consumption 
  • Engine misfires and overheating 


Engine cylinder head bolts corrode and fail causing coolant to mix with oil or engine to overheat. 

If left unaddressed this issue can lead to total engine failure.


Once the cylinder heads are removed, pressure tested and skimmed, we reassemble using superior quality cylinder head fixings and gaskets. All engine fluids are replaced. 

Models affected: All 6.2 litre AMG 63 engine models up to 2015 

Diesel particulate filter blockage 


  • Warning light on instrument panel 
  • Excessive smoke and soot from vehicle exhaust 
  • Lack of power from engine 


The engine is fitted with a diesel particulate filter designed to prevent harmful carbon deposits entering the atmosphere. In correct operation the engine periodically carries out its own regeneration cycle. If the correct conditions are not met, this cycle will not be carried out and the filter becomes blocked. These conditions are affected by various factors including engine temperatures, soot content and pressure, vehicle drive cycles and fuel level. 


The vehicle requires a full drive cycle and a minimum of a quarter tank to start the passive regeneration phase. This means that a vehicle doing constant short journeys, and constant low fuel level may never regenerate correctly, leading to premature blockage. It is advised to keep fuel above a quarter tank full and periodically take the vehicle on an extended run. 


If the particulate system sensors are all operating correctly, there are various methods to unblock the filter. The first method is referred to as a forced regeneration. This is carried out under strict conditions using the diagnostic equipment to authorise the procedure. Temperature inside the filter reaches over 800 degrees to burn out the soot. Sometimes if the filter is excessively blocked it may be required to remove the filter and carry out an ultrasonic clean process. Once cleaned using our ultrasonic tank the filter is refitted and values reset. We do not recommend the use of off the shelf pour in cleaners or acids in a DPF filter.