Car-Tech Prestige are fully equipped to diagnose, maintain and repair your Porsche vehicle. Having worked with the brand for over 35 years, the team are familiar with their regular servicing plans and have worked on many common Porsche problems, repairing them to get you back on the road. We cover all makes and models of Porsche and the team are happy to talk to you about any servicing, faults or repairs. Our pricing is very competitive, especially against main dealers and we offer a great level of customer care.

Service Pricing


Porsche Diagnostic Equipment

Car-Tech Prestige offers diagnostic testing of all models of Porsche and have over 30 years experience in maintaining and repairing Porsche products.

We use the genuine Porsche KTS diagnostic equipment for older models and the Porsche Durametric and Porsche PIWIS diagnostic equipment for later generation vehicles.  Our Porsche diagnostics provide access to all vehicle systems right across the Porsche range. 

Porsche PIWIS is the latest professional diagnostic tester used in the main Porsche dealerships. It’s the most powerful diagnostic and offline programming tool available on the market today. 

PIWIS provides full access and support on all systems including engine, transmission, AC, SRS, PASM, original anti theft, keyless go etc. It also includes live data with snapshot recorder, full programming capabilities and all service function and fault repair capabilities.

Porsche Diagnostics

If you have any questions regarding Porsche diagnostics or to ask us about Porsche Diagnostic pricing, please get in touch with the team who will be happy to help.

Common Porsche Faults and Repairs

Common problem: Porsche IMS (Intermediate Shaft) bearing

Symptoms: A constant rumble or rough noise from the bottom of the engine, sometimes accompanied by engine oil leaking.

Why the problem occurs: Running centrally within the Porsche flat six engine is an Intermediate Shaft (IMS) which simultaneously drives both of the engines timing chains. This IMS Shaft is mounted via a sealed roller bearing which over time deteriorates, potentially with catastrophic consequences for the engine.

Solution: With the vehicle transmission removed, the IMS bearing can be extracted using specialist equipment, and replaced using original parts or upgraded solutions to prevent further occurrence.