Clutches / Gearboxs

Has your clutch suddenly stopped working or can you feel a change in your gear changes ? Here at Car Tech we have seen any number of concerns relating to this from Worn Clutch Friction Plates , Worn Gear Linkage Cables & Rods , Hydraulic Cylinders & Bearings to Internal Gearbox Faults.

We can undertake a wide variety of transmission related repairs from clutch replacements, flywheel replacements & gearbox repair or replacements.  If you have been told your vehicle needs a clutch or you are having an issue rest assured our fully trained technicians will have you back on the road as quickly as possible. 

We only use Original Equipped Manufacturer (OEM) approved parts like LUK & SACHS whilst carrying out any repair work to ensure that your vehicle is repaired using the best quality parts available.

All of our work is fully covered by a 12 Month / 12,000 mile (which ever comes first) mechanical parts guarantee.

Did you know ? We also have a payment assist facility available which allows you to spread the cost of your repairs over 4 equal instalments with no fees and no interest upto £3,000 !

Contact us today for a free no obligation repair estimate using the contact section on the page.