Regular vehicle maintenance is arguably the most important part of premium vehicle ownership. Manufacturers develop premium vehicles using quality components and precision engineering techniques to create high end products with optimum performance. These precision machines require specific maintenance to ensure optimal performance and reduce the risk of defects occurring.

The relatively small cost of correct vehicle maintenance in comparison to vehicle repair, ultimately results in a well-maintained vehicle, increased resale value and drivers peace of mind. Repairing a vehicle always costs more than maintaining a vehicle!

We offer quality servicing for all German makes and models as well as for your Supercars. All of our maintenance services use manufacturer or original equipment specifications and will not invalidate any manufacturer warranty.

We also offer bespoke vehicle maintenance which goes above and beyond any manufacturer’s service guidance.

Main dealers can be expensive for servicing and repairs, but you’ll get the same great level of service from Car-Tech Prestige just at a competitive price.  Click on the brand links below to see an example of our Service prices or get in touch with us for a bespoke quote.

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