Car-Tech Prestige are fully equipped to diagnose, maintain and repair your Bentley vehicle. Having worked with the brand for over 35 years, the team are familiar with their regular servicing plans and have worked on many common Bentley problems, repairing them to get you back on the road. We cover all makes and models of Bentley and the team are happy to talk to you about any servicing, faults or repairs. Our pricing is very competitive, especially against main dealers and we offer a great level of customer care.

Service Pricing


Bentley Diagnostic Equipment

Car-Tech Prestige offers diagnostic testing of Bentley models and have over 35 years experience in maintaining and repairing Bentley cars.

We use the latest Bentley approved online diagnostic equipment, ensuring a high quality and efficient level of service for your vehicle. The latest Bentley online ODIS tool enables us to diagnose faults and maintain Bentley products to dealership level. 

Our diagnostic Bentley facilities include: 

  • Dealer level diagnosis and factory information
  • Control module configuration and personalisation 
  • Live data with snapshot flight recorder
  • Software updates
  • Service interval reset
  • Data bus system diagnosis 
  • Online calculated test plans
  • Control module reset and isolation
  • Bentley online information system
  • Remote key activation

If you have any questions regarding Bentley diagnostics or to ask us about Bentley Diagnostic pricing, please get in touch with the team who will be happy to help.

Common Bentley Faults and Repairs

Electrical faults 


  • Warning lights on dash 
  • Cooling fans run constant 
  • Active spoiler failure 
  • High level brake light not working 


Water damage to main wiring harness, corroded terminals or component failure. 

Correct diagnosis and repair methods are essential to ensure costly misdiagnosis is avoided. 


From our experience with Bentley products, CarTech Prestige have developed effective methods of repair for Bentley electrical problems. Combined with preventative solutions to avoid known problems in the first instance. 

Models affected: All Continental GT and Flying Spur models 2003 up to 2013 are affected 

Transmission faults 


  • Jarred gear changes 
  • Incorrect gear selected 


Gearbox hydraulic units and mechatronic units are known to fail causing symptoms listed. 


Correct maintenance of transmission is recommended along with periodic adaptions.


Replace transmission hydraulic valve unit or faulty mechatronic unit and correctly code to vehicle 

Models affected: A8 model Bentley Continental, Benteyga