Car-Tech Prestige are fully equipped to diagnose, maintain and repair your BMW vehicle. Having worked with the brand for over 35 years, the team are familiar with their regular servicing plans and have worked on many common BMW problems, repairing them to get you back on the road. We cover all makes and models of BMW and the team are happy to talk to you about any servicing, faults or repairs. Our pricing is very competitive, especially against main dealers and we offer a great level of customer care.

Service Pricing


BMW Diagnostic Equipment

In order to service, diagnose and maintain all BMW products to the highest possible standard, CarTech Prestige use the latest professional BMW ISTA diagnostic equipment. We can diagnose all makes and models of BMW.

BMW ISTA and BMW ISTA P are specifically designed, dealer level diagnostic equipment, with the latest software and functions allowing: 

  • Full dealer level diagnostics 
  • Fault code reading and resetting 
  • Service light reset and CBS reset 
  • DPF regeneration function 
  • Control module program using ISTA P 
  • Live data checking 
  • Calculated test plans 
  • EWS DME synchronisation 
  • Program vehicle functions including retrofitting 
  • Memory and personalisation features 
  • Resetting of vehicle adaptions 
  • All functions are supported with full BMW dealer information and service online access 

If you have any questions regarding BMW diagnostics or to ask us about BMW Diagnostic pricing, please get in touch with the team who will be happy to help.

Common BMW Faults and Repairs

Timing Chain Issues 


  • Rattle from engine whilst running 
  • Engine warning light illuminated 
  • Uneven running or engine non start 


The engine timing chain links the crankshaft assembly to the valvetrain to enable the engine to run. As the timing chain is a moving part and in contact with friction guide surfaces, it is subject to wear. Lack of correct servicing and contamination from carbon deposits in the engine oil can accelerate the wear process considerably and ultimately lead to engine failure. 


As the timing chain is a moving part the engine oil lubrication is key. More regular servicing, better quality lubricants, periodic engine carbon flushes will all help with the longevity of the timing chain assembly. That said, it will eventually suffer from wear and at some point, will require replacement. It is far better to take note of the warning signs from the symptoms and replace the chain assembly before it breaks, as the engine damage resulting from total failure will be far more costly. 


Depending on model, the timing chain can be replaced in situ on certain models, whilst others require the removal of either the transmission or the engine assembly itself. At CarTech we only use the highest quality timing chain assembly parts and make sure a full carbon removal is carried out inside the engine lubrication system to ensure reliability of the new parts. 

Models affected:             

Most modern BMWs are affected in some way by timing chain wear, however, all 2007 onward diesel and petrol engine models seem most affected.